Use Your Blog To Build Your Network Marketing Business On Autopilot

The question is – can you use your blog to build your MLM or Network Marketing Business On Autopilot?


The answer is yes if you are willing to put the time into it. Many people are not consistent enough with their blog to really make it worth it. If your goal is to use your blog to build your mlm or network marketing business on autopilot then you have some things you need to learn.

How To Use Your Blog To Build Your Network Marketing Business On Autopilot

You should know who you are trying to reach in your blog. Once you have figured out your niche market then you need to consistently write a blog with good content that will draw the people you are looking for to your blog. I would suggest for the first 90 days to try and blog something every day.

When I first started in my network marketing business I did what everyone else did. I wrote a list of people down, I shared my product or service, and then I asked for their business or I would set up a 3-way call with someone who had more experience than me.

If you are anything like me, I ran out of my warm market pretty fast. Or at least my warm market that I was comfortable in talking to or asking if they would look at what I was doing.

So I knew I needed to learn a different way of finding prospects for my MLM business. Sure I’m like you, I still do life-style marketing, I go to networking events, and I even do some cold calling.

But I kept watching all the top leaders and it seemed like a lot of them had a blog where they wrote some great content and attract people, who are actually looking, to their business.

So I got this great idea that I could actually learn how to use a blog to help build me network marketing business.

Now I had some learning to do but I like everything else in life if I worked hard and studied what successful people were doing then I could do the same thing.

How to Use A Blog to Build Your Network Marketing Business On Autopilot

The first thing I knew I needed to do was to educate myself on different concepts and strategies and then start applying them. Then when I got my results, I would start sharing with everyone what worked and what did not.

I knew if by writing good content and giving out great value then I would start attracting people to my business.

Then I had to have a system or a learning platform where I could send the people that were coming to my blog so they could learn the same things that was working for me.

I was very fortunate to have a great mentor who helped me get started. I had to put some effort in but my blog has helped me build my network marketing business on autopilot.